JiE Home's international flair reflects how we live. JiE creates an essence, which contains elements from around the world, by bringing together pieces with classical origin and fusing them with modern style. The outcome is the elegance and grace of Paris, in the hustle bustle of Toronto.

JiE draws inspiration from every aspect of his collective personality, and what envelops his mind. Everyone wants to be impressed by fresh surroundings, and JiE has the ability to transform the modern home into a vision of natural soul, using different mediums stemming from antique furniture to sophisticated artwork.

Bridging disciplines is what drives the unique style of JiE. Using everything as inspiration, JiE uses passion to articulate an entire lifestyle, not to just create restoration, but something new. Whether it is design for clients' interior or for his own collection, there is deep reverence and desire, stylized by tradition in everything created by JiE.