At a very early age, JiE was inspired by both physical beauty, and natural sentiment. There was a constant need to express his creativity and was guided toward hair styling. JiE honed his skills from a very young age, assisting with a salon next to his aunts house in Turkey. Later returning to his native Beirut, JiE increased his desire to style while working at the legendary Lada on Harma Street, and working with George and Khalil Achkar in a classic boutique salon.

As JiE's skills increased, so did his yearning for challenge. JiE apprenticed at Alexandre de Paris, and at Royal Monceau under Naim, in the City of Lights. JiE would travel the globe eventually settling in New York City.

In New York, JiE lived life to the fullest, bouncing around the city's riveting nightlife, rubbing shoulders with superstars from different industries. He became close friends with "A-list" DJ's, renowned actors and actresses, supermodels, artists and musicians, architects, doctors, and plastic surgeons. JiE's profession and persona began to blend together, and eventually found himself doing the make-up and styling the hair of major celebrities.

Dominant to JiE's technique is the emotion of giving. Broadway, art, history, and culture are what fascinate JiE and directs his inspiration. He does not just style his clients' hair, but gives them a unique JiE style. Giving, energy, and romance are the foundation of JiE's essence, which allows him to share his creativity through many methods. &